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Introducing: Talya

Generally: Konnichiwa. Hola. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Mi llamo Talya Calder. I’m basically writing on this blog because, well, Natalys asked me to… and because I am such an amazingly kind person, I just couldn’t turn her down. Anyway, I’m just going to write a little bit about me and then we shall be onto things that matter. Obviously, I enjoy foreign languages — English is my first language but I hope to become fluent in at least 3 more. I currently live in San Diego, and I’m attending a nearby college. I love to dance, sing, and listen to my friends explain various sports to me.

Sports: Truth be told (and Crane will agree with this), I am really not a huge sports person. I don’t follow any particular sport and I generally don’t understand people’s obsession with watching guys (or girls) play with balls and sticks and get paid for it. Of course, that’s only my personal opinion and there is no obligation for anyone to agree with me… that said, Crane is beginning to explain baseball and football to me, so hopefully I will be able to help her with posts soon. In the mean time, I mostly just help her by finding cute photos of her favorite athletes!

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Introducing: Crane

Generally: Hi everyone. I’m Natalys Crane, but I go by Crane because it’s easier to spell and because my favorite Batman character is Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow, who was most recently portrayed by the superhumanly lovely Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins. I study at UCLA, I train horses in my spare time, and as far as sports go, I’m mostly just a hyperobsessive baseball fan.

Baseball: I am first and foremost a National League girl, and although I don’t think I’ve quite found “my team” yet, I have Dodgers season tickets, serious crushes on a couple Phillies, and an inexplicable soft spot for anyone who is or was on the Marlins.

The perennially sexy Cole Hamels. Do I need to explain my love for Parade Day any further? (Whoa, I think I mightve almost split an infinitive there.)

The perennially sexy Cole Hamels. Do I need to explain my love for Parade Day any further? (Whoa, I think I might've almost split an infinitive there.)

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