Introducing: Crane

Generally: Hi everyone. I’m Natalys Crane, but I go by Crane because it’s easier to spell and because my favorite Batman character is Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow, who was most recently portrayed by the superhumanly lovely Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins. I study at UCLA, I train horses in my spare time, and as far as sports go, I’m mostly just a hyperobsessive baseball fan.

Baseball: I am first and foremost a National League girl, and although I don’t think I’ve quite found “my team” yet, I have Dodgers season tickets, serious crushes on a couple Phillies, and an inexplicable soft spot for anyone who is or was on the Marlins.

The perennially sexy Cole Hamels. Do I need to explain my love for Parade Day any further? (Whoa, I think I mightve almost split an infinitive there.)

The perennially sexy Cole Hamels. Do I need to explain my love for Parade Day any further? (Whoa, I think I might've almost split an infinitive there.)

I really do hate the DH rule (although some of the DHs themselves aren’t too bad), I didn’t make fun of Dan Uggla during the All-Star game (I think he’s awesome; deal with it), and if I really had to choose a favorite player in the American League, it would be Jon Lester (pictured below because I’m bored and I need to get used to having photos in my blog posts…).

The epically awesome Jonathan Tyler Lester. Too bad all his teammates are so annoying.

The epically awesome Jonathan Tyler Lester. Unfortunately, some of his teammates are really annoying. (Yeah, I'm talking about you, Kevin "I Have All My Hair On The Wrong Half Of My Head" Youkilis.)

Football: Due to my socially influential, Philadelphia-hating flatmates (they’re still suffering from a well-documented case of Championship Series Depressive Syndrome), I won’t be able to really cheer for the Eagles today. But let it be known, in this blog about which my flatmates don’t know (obsessive grammar, anyone?), that in my head, I’m wearing green.

Music: I don’t have anything original to say here. I’m listening to Basshunter’s “Camilla” right now; My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome To The Black Parade”, to which I just switched out of a sick sense of nostalgia, tops out iTunes’s Top 25 Most Played Smart Playlist with a comfortable count of 511 (yes, 511 — that means I’ve spent approximately 2657.2 minutes, or 44.3 hours, of my life listening to it — and for the record, as much as I’ve tried to avoid this, I do have a rather serious crush on Gerard Way), followed by a few more MCR songs and then Katy Perry’s “Mannequin”, which not only reminds me of Breakfast On Pluto, but has been listened to by me no fewer than 140 times (I said that solely out of a twisted desire to screw with my English teacher’s head).

I would have separated that into two paragraphs, but it’s all one sentence. I’d also like to say that Daft Punk’s “One More Time” is awesome because it reminds me of staying up all night at my friend Rachel’s house, watching the extended cuts of all four Lord Of The Rings movies, drinking soda, and making extremely inappropriate comments about once every five seconds. (My friends are great.)

Obsessions: Baseball. Horses. Creative writing (I won NaNoWriMo last year, but I’m still trying to actually finish the novel, which, by the way, is really just one hell of a Batman fanfic). Chase Utley. Cillian Murphy. Self-portraiture. Torchwood and Doctor Who — I’m still not sure what I think of Matt Smith. Starbuck (from Battlestar Galactica, obviously). Oxford commas and parenthetical notations. Causing complete and utter chaos by attempting, usually in public and always with spectacular consequences, to combine as many of the items on this list as possible.

A somewhat related link: If you’ve got some spare time, check out the Ladies…. They’re currently rather obsessed with the less worthy realms of sports (basketball? really?), but unlike us here at Amoral, they actually know what they’re doing—and that goes a long way once baseball season starts.

In each of my blog posts, I will… mention Chase Utley. Seriously. We’re both from Pasadena, we both went to UCLA (technically I’m still there, er, here, but whatever), and really, how many people are there from Pasadena? Have you ever even heard of Pasadena? …Exactly. (I think.)

Next time I post, I will… give the Mr. Underappreciated award to — oh, right. I can’t tell you yet. I can, however, tell you that he looks a little bit like Barry Zito, plays second base, and is from Missouri. So many points if you can figure this one out.


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