How we’ve been found: March 5th to March 10th

What’s The Point: This is an installment of our “How We’ve Been Found” series, which will appear approximately every Wednesday. The point of this is to give you a bit of information about how we’re doing statistically, and how people (including you, of course,) have been getting to our blog.

Individual Pageviews:

  • 03/05: 31
  • 03/06: 15
  • 03/07: 10
  • 03/08: 7
  • 03/09: 14
  • 03/10: 4
  • Total: 81

Search Engine Terms:

  • 03/05: “barry zito hat”, “jon lester”
  • 03/06: “find a amoral in a sentence”, “dan uggla”, “joe mauer running”, “jon lester”
  • 03/07: “wbc”, “+’dan uggla’ +’derby'”
  • 03/08: “wbc japan korea”, “kevin mench”
  • 03/09: “yu darvish wbc photos”, “wbc korea vs japan”, “japan vs korea”
  • 03/10: (none)

This week’s Potentially Funny Prize is for anyone who wants to know about Kevin Mench and/or Barry Zito Hat. If you’re one of those people, I’d like you to tell me why you care. No, seriously.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday to Dan Uggla.


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